Our Patriots

Who Are Our Patriots?

Forgotten Patriots

The DAR is working diligently to identify minority individuals who contributed to America’s independence in the Revolutionary War era. The National Society has published a book, Forgotten Patriots, which describes heroism and acts of service by American Indians and African Americans. To date, thousands of forgotten Patriots have been identified, and DAR researchers continue to uncover these individuals and their unique stories.

Female Patriots

Have you ever considered the role that your female ancestors played in the American Revolutionary War? Women and other under-recognized individuals played an important role in the formation of our great nation. We are currently researching to add Lydia Barnes Potter as a Patriot for her hard work at sewing uniforms for the soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Many women worked for the government washing, caring, and helping with the clothing of our dear Revolutionary soldiers.

Chapter Patriots

These American Revolutionary War Patriots listed have been researched and proven by our members. They are listed in alphabetical order, first name, last name with the colony where each ancestor served our country.  

Their service in the American Revolutionary War included military service, civil service and patriotic service. We hope you will find one of your ancestors listed here! This list is updated as our chapter grows, so please check back! 

America 250!

In the year 2026, we will celebrate 250 years of independence. Along with the National Society, we are very excited about our opportunity to honor the Patriots of the American Revolution while increasing knowledge of their service and sacrifice. A message from the NSDAR President General: “Let us never take for granted the courage of our Patriot ancestors. While it is relatively easy to see why our ancestors chose “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in hindsight, we must never forget that it must have been agonizing to do so at the time. They risked lives and fortunes of their families when choosing sides.”