Our Patriots

Who Are Our Patriots?

Forgotten Patriots

The DAR is working diligently to identify minority individuals who contributed to America’s independence in the Revolutionary War era. The National Society has published a book, Forgotten Patriots, which describes heroism and acts of service by American Indians and African Americans. To date, thousands of forgotten Patriots have been identified, and DAR researchers continue to uncover these individuals and their unique stories.

Female Patriots

Have you ever considered the role that your female ancestors played in the American Revolutionary War? Women and other under-recognized individuals played an important role in the formation of our great nation. We are currently researching to add Lydia Barnes Potter as a Patriot for her hard work at sewing uniforms for the soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Many women worked for the government washing, caring, and helping with the clothing of our dear Revolutionary soldiers.

Chapter Patriots

These American Revolutionary War Patriots listed have been researched and proven by our members. They are listed in alphabetical order, first name, last name with the colony where each ancestor served our country.

Their service in the American Revolutionary War included military service, civil service and patriotic service. We hope you will find one of your ancestors listed here!

This list is updated as our chapter grows, so please check back!

America 250!

In the year 2026, we will celebrate 250 years of independence. Along with the National Society, we are very excited about our opportunity to honor the Patriots of the American Revolution while increasing knowledge of their service and sacrifice. A message from the NSDAR President General: “Let us never take for granted the courage of our Patriot ancestors. While it is relatively easy to see why our ancestors chose “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in hindsight, we must never forget that it must have been agonizing to do so at the time. They risked lives and fortunes of their families when choosing sides.”

Patriot SurnamePatriot First NameBirth DateDeath DateColonyService
BakerJoel17655 Nov 1839NHPVT
BatchelderSamuel15 May 17495 Jun 1815MAPVT
BeattyDavid1740ANTE 14 Jan 1810VAENS, PS
BelknapAbel24 May 17543 Apr 1838MAPVT
BillingsleyWalter14 July 1761Post 1 Jan 1838NCPS
BlodgettArtemus31 Dec 175223 Sep 1830CTPVT
BrownEzekiel10 Aug 17554 Jun 1798MANoncom
BrownJacob12 Feb 176310 – 1845MAPVT
BurnhamJosiah28 Apr 171610 Mar 1800CTCS
CadwellTimothy28 Aug 174713 Jan 1797CTCPL
CarrJonathan15 Apr 175728 Apr 1849MAPVT
CastnerPeter23 Jun 178324 Sep 1819PAPVT
CaveJohn1725Post 26 May 1809VAPS
ChapotonJean Baptiste17 Jun 172122 Jan 1803VAPS
ChaseLemuel1765Ante 13 Dec 1823NYPVT, FIF
ChildressWillliam25 Dec 176214 Jan 1839NC & SCPVT, PS
ChristianCharlesC 1715ANTE 16 Feb 1784VAPVT
ChristianWalter23 Sep 1760Aug – 1829VAPVT
ClappJohn Philip20 Feb 1731Ante 20 Feb 1798NCPS
Cole, Sr.Joseph3 May 1716ANTE 25 Jun 1785VAPS
Cole, Sr.Sampson7 Mar 1750ANTE 18 Jul 1833VAPS
ColvinLevi174521 Dec 1834VTENS
CottonThomas30 Apr 173028 Sep 1808CTPVT
CramPeter20 Aug 17284 Oct 1779MACpl
CrosbyJoseph23 Mar 175219 Feb 1843NHPVT
DeeringEdwardC 1710ANTE 4 Aug 1791VAPS
DennisonDaniel16 Dec 173016 Mar 1793NYSGT
Dewey, JrEbenezer7 Mar 174028 Feb 1820NHPS
Dewey, SrEbernezer24 Feb 171224 Nov 1791NHCS, PS
DillArchibaldC 1748Ante 22 May 1840NCPVT, PS
DilleyEphraim6 Nov 175526 Jul 1844NJPVT
DodsonLazarus7 Oct 1728Ante 16 Sep 1797VAPS
DunganJesse22 Feb 176612 Jul 1823PAPVT
DurfeeJames14 Jul 17491805RIPVT
DwinellAaron10 Aug 17625 Aug 1844MAPVT
EldredgeWilliam Case17 Apr 17651842CTPVT
FosterWilliam24 Dec 176310 Jul 1825NHPVT
GarrisBenjaminC 1742Ante 8 – 1832NCSOL
GarrisSikes25 Feb 1762Post 19 Jun 1841NCPVT, PS
GowensCharles1768ANTE 9 -1857VAPVT
GriffithDaniel8 Jul 172611 Mar 1814MASgt, CS, PS
GrossmanMichael22 Jan 17487 Oct 1810PAPVT
HaddenAnthony26 Mar 174628 Apr 1828VACAPT
HaddenJohnC 172520 Oct 1795VACS, PS
HallJames20 Apr 17202 Feb 1807CTCS
HallPeter1 Aug 175525 Aug 1835CT & VTCPL
HarrisonJoseph175021 Feb 1804NYCapt
HarrodLevi22 Jan 17502 Oct 1825PALT
HerrickEbenezer24 Jun 173917 Jun 1775MASGT Maj
HolcombRoger18 Oct 174222 Oct 1824CTCPL
HolmanElisha13 May 173920 May 1812MASGT
HubbellJustus1744Post 1793NY & VAPVT, CS, PS
HughartJamesC 174825 Jan 1791VAPVT
IjamsJohn Frederick176524 Jan 1839MDPVT
IshamGeorge Jonathan16 Jul 175917 Aug 1843CTDRM
IshamJohn6 Aug 17412 Mar 1802CTPS
JacksonBenjamin5 Mar 17525 Jun 1842NJSGT
JenksJoseph171425 May 1784RICAPT
JenningsBenjamin175812 May 1845PAPVT
JonesPeter17603 Jul 1842MDPVT
KellyWilliam17359 Sep 1783VASGTMAJ, PS
KillingerGeorge175721 Mar 1842PASOL
Kimball, SrJohn9 Aug 173528 Oct 1810CTCAPT
KneisleyJohn Michael21 Sep 175215 Dec 1834PAPVT
KrosgeConradC 1740ANTE 6 Jul 1805PAPVT, PS
LeavenworthEbenezer29 Dec 173418 Mar 1778CTCS
LewisJohn23 Jun 174817 Feb 1835VASGT
MaddingThomasC 1760Aug – 1810VAPVT, PS
MaxfieldNathaniel24 May 17431797NHPVT, PS
McClarenDaniel17 May 1749Ante 1844SCPVT, PS
MitchellThomas18 Sep 175825 Jan 1835VASmn
MoffattJames1730Post 17 Apr 1793NCPS
MonnettAbraham16 Mar 17487 Dec 1810MDPVT
MortonBryantC 17051793MACAPT, CS, PS
NewhallAndrew9 Mar 1730C 1795MASOL
NewmanEbenezer7 Jun 175629 Sep 1839MAPVT
NickersonReuben21 Jan 1748ANTE 11 Oct 1829MAPVT
OberlyJohn Michael31 Aug 1751ANTE 10 Jun 1818PACAPT, PS
Park, Jr.Smith13 Nov 17493 June 1841NYCPL
Park, SrSmith 5 Nov 172112 Feb 1807CTSOL
PendletonRichardC 175020 May 1829VAPVT
PhillipsJob174122 Jan 1835CTCPL
PotterLemuel13 Nov 175526 Feb 1826CTCPL
PoweWilliam17598 Nov 1839VAPVT
RedshawJosephC 1752ANTE 20 Oct 1829VAPS
RobinsonAmos7 Sep 173513 Aug 1809VTSOL
RobinsonGeorge17276 Mar 1814PACAPT, PS
RoseCharles17561 Apr 1838VAPVT
Rundle, Jr.Reuben10 Mar 175725 Oct 1848NYPVT, FIF
SimmonsJob20 May 1720P 1 Jan 1779CTSOL
SlaughterJacobC 1730Ante 8 Oct 1824NC & SCPS
SmithJacobC 1743ANTE 12 Dec 1803PAPS
SnodgrassJosephANTE 1750ANTE 18 Mar 1828VAPS
SpaldingMoses ClarkAnte 1756Post 1810MDPS
SpencerJames17309 Dec 1825PAPS
StedhamSamuelC 1747Post 1833NCPVT, PS
StoddardOrange29 May17423 Oct 1824MACAPT
TerryElisha8 Aug 1743C 1811MAPVT
TilsonWilliam15 Mar 1741C 1825VAPS
ToothakerEbenezerC 1740ANTE 18 Jun 1788MACS, PS
ToothakerRogerC 1751ANTE 13 Apr 1814MACS, PS
TorrenceHugh15 Oct 17321813NCCS
TreadwellJosiah8 Nov 17131798CTPS
TwymanGeorge29 Mar 1731ANTE 2 Jun 1818VAPS
TwymanJames17 Jun 176122 Feb 1834VANoncom, PS
Van VoorheesIsaac3 Oct 17584 Oct 1844NJPS
WamplerGeorge Hans1736ANTE 10 May 1815PAPVT
WardwellDaniel17 Apr 173417 Jan 1803MAPS
WarrenAaron3 Jul 176221 Apr 1849NHCPL
WarrenDavid24 May 17421820NHLT, PS
WebsterJonathan5 Oct 170514 Nov 1781CTPS
WheelerJames1730Ante 28 Mar 1804NY & VACS, PS
WhiteThomas5 Mar 175425 Apr 1824PA & NCLT, PS
WhitehillDavid25 May 174312 Nov 1809PACAPT, PS
WilsonJohn25 Oct 1749Ante 11-1813DEPS

Key to Abbreviation for DAR Patriots’ Services

PVT – Private
CPL – Corporal
SGT – Sergeannt
SGTMaj – Sergeant Majjor
LT – Lieutenant
CAPT – Captain
ENS – Ensign (Army Rank)
CAV – Cavalry
SMN – Seaman
DRM – Drummer
FIF – Fifer
NONCOM – Noncommissioned
SOL – Soldier

PS – Patriotic Service –  donated/sold goods or services to patriot cause, paid supply tax designated for war effort, signed oath of allegience

CS – Civil Service – Federal, State or Local Office where Americans gained control of locality, i.e. selectman, juror, justice of the peace, overseer of roads, overseer of the poor.

SDI – Signer of Declaration of Independence